About Nichole

Hi there and welcome to my new blog. My name is Nichole and I am a wife, mother of four rambunctious kids who are growing up too fast, a writer, small business owner and a mountain girl through and through. Born in the heart of California and raised in the mountains near by, I’ve learned the value of hard work and the joy of living a self sufficient life.

Come along with me as I share:

  1. What I’ve learned from living in the country/mountains
  2. My journey to better health (poor gut healthy, adrenal fatigue and sub clinical hypothyroidism)
  3. Recipes and How-To’s
  4. Emergency Preparedness
  5. Nature musings
  6. Family
  7. Spirituality
  8. What my Great Depression Era grandmother taught me
  9. Why you matter
  10. And much more

One of the biggest reasons I am writing this blog, is because I care about people. I want them to know they are worth it and that no matter how hard life gets, there’s beauty everywhere. I didn’t always know this and if my experiences can help others, then I want to do all I can to share my message. There is always hope. There is always a way. That’s not to mention the boost of self confidence you get when you are prepared for what life might throw at you!

Want to see my first post? See “This Mountain Girl Speaks” for why I chose to start this blog and my declaration to the world.

Other places to find me:

In addition to Mountain Girl Speaks, you can also find me at The Excited Writer where I blog specifically about my journey as a writer (with a sprinkling of other topics) and on twitter @MtnGirlSpeaks. You can also check out my etsy shop where I sell homemade soaps. A popular item is my Soap of the Month club.  Check it out at Simply McGhie Soaps.

Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to make comments, share my posts, and don’t forget to subscribe!