Blessed Busyness: The Blessings of Hard Work

Do you know what Blessed Busyness is?

Blessed Busyness is where life is crazy busy but it’s good. It’s being sustained through all the work you have to do. It’s receiving an abundance of unexpected blessings to help you through the busy chaos of goodness (and sometimes the not so good). Blessed Busyness is also having incredible moments where the beauty of everything makes you pause and truly see what’s around you and the pure amount of love God has for you.

Right now I’m experiencing a lot of blessed busyness.

We’ve got cross country practices and meets.

blessed busyness

Violin lessons, golf lessons (thank you Grandpa!) and golf tournaments.

blessed business

Crazy amounts of work for Bryce, soap making galore, NaNoWriMo prep, callings to fill, finance classes (which are a lot of fun). Fitness group stuff (a huge blessing).

blessed busyness weight loss
The day I discovered I’d lost almost 35 pounds since January.

People to visit and love.

Laundry to fold, cars to fix, neighbors to try to love, animals to care for, and the list just keeps going.

Such is life for everyone.

But you know what else is Blessed Busyness?

Most of all, Blessed Busyness is knowing that everything you are doing, to what ever extent you’re capable, is exactly what you should be doing. You’re WORKING! Sometimes very hard, but you’re happy. You’re exited about life and what’s ahead.

This past week’s “Foundation Principle” in the finance class my husband and I are taking, is to “take responsibility and persevere.” I really loved one of the quotes that was shared by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. He said:

God has designed this mortal existence to require nearly constant exertion. . . . By work we sustain and enrich life. . . . Work builds and refines character, creates beauty, and is the instrument of our service to one another and to God. A consecrated life is filled with work, sometimes repetitive, . . . sometimes unappreciated but always work that improves, . . . lifts, [and] aspires.

In other words, work is good for the soul.

I believe that if you can have a happy attitude about it, perhaps by continually counting your blessings and looking to God for your support, it’s not going to matter how hard the things are that you must endure.

Even if it’s hard to be happy . . . and let’s face it, that does happen, if you trust in the Lord, He will be your strength.

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. -Isaiah 12:2

In conclusion, work is good. Being busy is good. Seeing your blessings and enjoying life as you are busy and doing good is even better.

┬áNow it’s your turn. What’s been keeping you busy these days? How have you managed to keep a cheerful attitude through it? What blessing have you seen through hard work?

P.S. Last week on my writing blog, I talked about Brain Fog and trying to prepare for NaNoWriMo. Things are getting better and I finally feel like I’ve got a story to write next month. I’m excited about it and will update you as needed. Another blessing that I’ve noticed in the crazy busy time, is that my mind is clearing and my ability to actually focus on writing is improving. Hurray!

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