Cleaning With Essential Oils: The Easiest Way

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I love using essential oils. I love how I can freshen my home with a natural scent and not end up with the headaches from artificially scented cleaners or air fresheners. But being honest, I’ve found it a challenge to actually clean with them.

We all know that we need to reduce the amount of chemicals in our lives to be healthy. That’s all well and good, but have you ever tried to make a practical homemade cleaner?

I’ve tried just about every one out there. In my experience, they never last very long or take on a funny smell even if you start with clean containers and distilled water.

That’s not to mention the vinegar that is involved in a lot of homemade cleaners.  I don’t mind vinegar myself, but my husband has a horrible aversion to the smell. Even though the smell of vinegar dissipates, if we were all honest with each other, it really does linger, ever so slightly, even after everything has dried.

So for the most part, I’ve used baking soda, lemon juice and water (we’re not counting dish soap in this discussion). That’s pretty good, but also not always convenient.

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Then about six months ago, maybe less, I was introduced to a microfiber cleaning cloth (Amazon) that supposedly would clean your home with just water. I tried it out and instantly fell in love. I spent a day cleaning my home with this cloth and everything felt so clean.  Seriously folks.

Fast forward to a month ago, my oldest son got sick the first week of school. It was a horrible virus that gave him a high fever for a solid week. It was miserable. Since I love using essential oils to help my family, I decided to do something crazy. I added drops of my favorite essential oil to a damp microfiber cleaning cloth and went to work “sanitizing” my home. I cleaned everything my son had touched, diffused the essential oil into the air and then hoped for the best. Using the cleaning cloth in combination with the essential oils made everything feel and smell clean.

Before you go thinking I’m a clean freak, I’m not. I don’t need things sterilized and I have no problem letting my kids play in the dirt. Just so you know . . . But I have really enjoyed the simpleness of cleaning my home in this way.

So, the how to . . .

The easiest way in the world to clean with essential oils . . .

  1. Take a good quality microfiber cleaning cloth and get it wet (damp).
  2. Take your favorite high quality essential oil and add 5 or so drops directly to the cloth.
  3. Clean away with the essential oil drop side of the cloth on the surface you are cleaning.
  4. If you feel you need to rinse your cloth, just rinse, add a few more drops of essential oil and continue cleaning.
  5. Enjoy the fresh smell and clean feeling of your home.

What I like about this method of cleaning . . .

  1. Non-toxic
  2. Very simple and easy to do
  3. Incorporates essential oils into your cleaning routine
  4. Makes you feel happy for doing something good for your home and family.

There you have it, the easiest way IN THE WORLD to clean with essential oils.

 Now it’s your turn. What’s one of your favorite and practical ways to clean your home? I’d love to hear from you and get some ideas!


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